Policies Viajemos Mexico.


1. There is no cancellation of the service, in the event that the service was not performed, for reasons of the client, the advance or any payment that has been made would be for the benefit of the company.

2. The client must pay the service 100% before starting the trip.

3. The Service will be provided during the maximum daytime hours for 12 hours in a day. Example: if your driver arrives for you at 8 am, the service must end at 8 pm, in case of requiring night hours, the contractor should check the rates with his sales agent.

a) Daytime from 6 am to 9 pm
b) Night Hours from 9 pm to 6 am the following day.
d) The 12 hours of service are continuous. and they start running as soon as the driver arrives for you at the previously agreed time and place.

4. In case of having an itinerary, the driver will be subject to the previously agreed schedule and scales. Respecting the daytime, nighttime hours and the driver’s hours of rest.

5. In case of exceeding the previously agreed schedule, each extra hour will have an additional charge.

6. Any damage caused to the van by users will be charged to the customer. The company is not responsible for items forgotten in the van.

7. Smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages will not be allowed inside the van.

8. The company is not responsible for illicit articles and / or merchandise found in the van.

9. The driver will always be obliged to keep the van extremely clean for the total comfort of the passengers.

10. If the service is canceled by the company, it will be obliged to return each and every one of the payments made by the client.

11. The quote, invoice and contract where all the specifications of the contracted service come will always be sent to the client.

Reservation policies, payments.

In the case of hotels, flights and tourist attractions, Viajemos México © 2020 is an INTERMEDIARY company between the service provider and the client. Therefore, the final service providers will be responsible at all times to the client for any situation generated, procedures under their own policies and which are established in accordance with the provision of the service in question and that is acquired through us.

Reservation and Payments, all reservations require an advance of at least 30% of the total value of the reservation and in holiday season of 50%. once all services have been confirmed, the final payment must be covered on the day and time specified in your contract, with the exception of special promotional packages, for which full payment must be made at the time of booking.

For last minute reservations, the service must be paid in full 100% (with bank deposit or in cash) subject to confirmation of services.

Payment Methods:

For your security, we recommend that you make bank transfers to the account or go to a bancomer branch so that you can verify that all the data is correct.

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